“I like stories. I like to learn history, tales from different people and then, out of all these pictures in my head, I like to create objects, which will tell you it’s own narrative.”


My name is Anna Prysiuda. I'm a product designer, creator of design brand Uiava and Sustainable Materia Store - marketplace and community of the local sustainable materials and producers.
I was born in 1992 in a small village in the middle of Ukraine, surrounded by nature outside and art, created by the uncle-sculptor inside the home. I was always amazed by the process of creation: from dozens of sketches to the material object. 
In July 2021 I graduated product design program at the European Design School (Kyiv, Ukraine) and now, stories in my head got a form. I wish to share them with everyone in the world.
Project “Wild Gardens of Oudolf” is a part of Panoptikum Collections - gallery of Ukrainian design.
In September 2021 project “Ikebana” was represented at the Ukrainian Salon in the frame of Paris Design Week.

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